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Other regional specialities from our range of articles.

Various other products to add to your teatime pleasure or round off your holidays are also available. Please note that this is just a small selection of the articles we offer. For the full ranges of tins, mugs, packets, labels, and other forms of packaging, etc. please refer to our catalogue.

Biscuits for a cosy teatime

Ready-made steeping blends for homemade liqueurs

New: Ready-made steeping blend in a bottle with amusing labels

Our wide selection of rock sugar and sugar varieties

Packaged sugar varieties

East Frisian "Kluntje" (rock sugar)

Frisian candies

Honey specialities

East Frisian "Bontjesopp" and tea liqueur

Our "Dune rose" selection with rose water from our own roses

Rock sugar specialities

Winter candies

Christmas jams, biscuits and liquors

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