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We are a member of the "Bioland-Anbauverband" (Organic Farming Association) ...

... and are also certified to process and market
our organically grown produce according to
ABCERT GmbH, (Esslingen, Germany) certification.

Code No.: DE-ÖKO-006
Control no.: DE-NI-006-18155-BD


The certificates of ABCERT AG, Esslingen

What is ecological farming?

The key idea behind ecological farming is management in harmony with the ecosystem.
A farm is a living organism made up of humans, animals, plants and the soil.

More than with other farming methods, the aim of ecological farming is to:

  • achieve a working nutrient cycle as close to a closed cycle as possible.
    (Food and nutrients should come from the farm itself)
  • maintain and increase soil fertility
  • raise animals according to natural animal husbandry

Ecological farming is geared towards sustainability. It maintains and preserves natural resources and has a positive effect on the environment.

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